Enhanced Rules

  1. 4500, 5500, 6500 no tire restriction
  2. Helmets mandatory
  3. Radial tires allowed
  4. No duals
  5. Cut tires allowed
  6. 9 rpm top speed
  7. 20″ drawn bar max, no less than 18″ from axle centre and secure in all directions -18″ max height without wheelie bars, no weight behind rear axle without wheelie bars
  8. Maximum engine rpm 20% over stock rpm of tractor being used or 2750 rpm max, whichever comes first, or manufacturers specified max rpm if over 2750 rpm
  9. No automotive engines, agricultural engines only
  10. Engine must be the same make as the tractor, no truck engines
  11. Engine alterations allowed but must be contained under stock appearing sheet metal
  12. Wheelie bars are to be these minimum specifications a) 10″ above the ground maximum b) the back of the wheelie bar to extend a minimum of 6 inches beyond the outer tire radius c) pads must be minimum 5 x 5 and spaced a minimum of 20 inches from the outside of each pad and must be able to support the heaviest weight of the tractor
  13. Turbo chargers allowed
  14. No weight frame or weight may extend more than 11 feet forward from the centre of rear axle, up to 50% of the added weight will be allowed behind the rear axle, not extending past the outer radius of the tire
  15. No weights on platform
  16. Exhaust must point up and away from the crowd
  17. Hood, grills, fuel tank must be stock appearing, fenders are mandatory
  18. Aluminum fuel tanks are allowed
  19. No secondary fuels