August All Colours Antique Tractor Pull

Friday August 19 6:30 PM--Feature Case Tractor Pull Registration at  5:30 Saturday August 20 11:00 PMO--Competition Pull Registration At 9:00 Sunday August 21 11:00 AM--Members fun pull Registration at 9:00   For further information about the Tractor Pull Regulations and Classes, contact Don McCullough 519-353-5668   All Colours Antique Tractor Pull Rules Saturday & Sunday Tractors are to be 40 years of age and older. Entry Fee is $10 per Hook. Registration is from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Pull start time is 11:00 a.m. sharp   Classes: 3500, 4500, 5500, E4500, 6500, E5500, 7500, E6500, 8500, 9500, 10500, 11500, 12500, 13500, 14500 and over   1. RIMS AND WHEELS – Tires must be on rim width, not exceeding tire manufacturers recommended width. No Cut or Groomed Tires allowed. Pressed steel wheels are allowed front and rear. No aluminum wheels allowed. 2. WEIGHTS – Suitcase weights and custom made weight brackets are permitted, front weight bracket and weights to extend no farther than 11 feet from center of rear axle. No weights behind centre of rear axle. All weights must be secure on brackets and NOT on the cab or on the platform (no chains). Each weight class is allowed a 100 lbs grace. All Tractors are to weigh after completing their pull and will have draw bar height checked. No weights are to be positioned to were they impede the safe operation of the tractor. 3. ENGINE – Stock block, stock head, manifold, and carburetor (by part number). If an external part is not in the parts book or replacement parts book for that specific tractor it cannot be used. Exception: straight exhaust pipe allowed, air filter must be used although it may be of any type. RPM – 110% of factory high idle specification. No electronic ignitions, (Exception: an electronic pickup inside the original stock distributor or magneto can be used, but distributor or magneto must maintain original appearance). No square coils, MSD coils allowed. 4. HITCHES – Starting at 3500# hitches must be a minimum 18″ back from the center of the rear axle and a maximum of 18″ drawbar height. Hitch material cannot be thinner than 3/4″ and not thicker than 1.25″. Hitch has to have a 3″ hole with 1″ material thickness around the hole or a twist clevis bolted or pinned tightly to the drawbar with a minimum of 2.5″ hole. Hitches and drawbars must be stationary in all directions. The sled hook must be in a vertical position to be able to pull. 9500 and over classes will be allowed a drawbar height of 20″. 5.  APPEARANCE – Tractors must maintain original stock appearance. If a part is not found in the manufacturers parts book it cannot be used. No extra accessories allowed with the exception of weight brackets, hang-on weights, wheelie bars, wheels, rims, bolt on hubs, draw bar, muffler and air cleaner. No aluminum allowed except for weight brackets and wheelie bars. No chrome allowed except for exhaust pipes. No homemade rear end covers allowed. All guards, shrouds, covers, and shields shall be in place as from the factory and be made of original material (steel or iron) and as near like factory as possible. Seat must be an original seat or a manufactured seat made for a farm tractor placed with stock mountings (such as TSC). Alternators and straight pipes are allowed. Fenders are mandatory.   GENERAL RULES 1.    The first contestant of each class will be the test puller and at the completion of his or her pull may elect to pull again in 3rd or last position. If a driver elects to do this, their first pull will not be counted. All decision on re-pulls must be made before the pulling vehicle is unhooked from the sled. There will be no test pulls in pull-offs. 2.    Any tractor may pull  in three different classes. A tractor may only pull one time in each class. 3.    Drivers must remain seated at all times during their pull. 4.    No open toed shoes are allowed on tractors or in pit areas. 5.    No pulling vehicles are to be left running while unattended by the operator. 6.    The universal numbering system for each class is as follows: the first digits in the number are the upper limit of the weight class and the last digits signify the order of pull. For example, number 9501 – 9500 is the weight class and the number 1 signifies the first puller. 7.    No one is allowed on the track except the contestant and persons needed to operate the pull. 8.    All pulls must be started from a tight chain and then the raising of two green flags by the flagmen. 9.    Loss of ballast weight or equipment while hooked to the sled is cause for disqualification. 10.  No alcoholic beverages are permitted on the grounds. No one shall operate machinery under the influence of alcohol/drugs. 11.  Drivers must be at least 16 (sixteen) years of age. 12.  No riders on Tractors. 13.  The Judges decisions are final. A Judge will stop and disqualify any tractor that, in the sole opinion of the Judge, is not being operated in a safe manner, or in accordance with site safety rules or Tractor Pull rules. (Rules revised May 1, 2016) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Bruce County Heritage Enhanced Pull Saturday August 20

Tractors are to be 40 years of age and older. Entry Fee is $20 per Hook. Registration is from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Pull start time is 12:00 a.m. sharp Contact Don McCullough for more information 519-353-5668 Camping is available, email   THREE ENHANCED CLASSES & PRIZES FOR EACH CLASS 4500, 5500, 6500 1st place - $100 2nd place - $80 3rd place - $60 4th place - $40 5th place - $20   * A stock class tractor may enter and pull in the enhanced class event, however an enhanced classed tractor may not enter and pull in the stock class pull event.   ENHANCED PULL RULES
  1. 4500, 5500, 6500 no tire restriction
  2. Helmets mandatory
  3. Radial tires allowed
  4. No duals
  5. Cut tires allowed
  6. 9 rpm top speed
  7. 20" drawn bar max, no less than 18" from axle centre and secure in all directions -18" max height without wheelie bars, no weight behind rear axle without wheelie bars
  8. Maximum engine rpm 20% over stock rpm of tractor being used or 2750 rpm max, whichever comes first, or manufacturers specified max rpm if over 2750 rpm
  9. No automotive engines, agricultural engines only
  10. Engine must be the same make as the tractor, no truck engines
  11. Engine alterations allowed but must be contained under stock appearing sheet metal
  12. Wheelie bars are to be these minimum specifications a) 10" above the ground maximum b) the back of the wheelie bar to extend a minimum of 6 inches beyond the outer tire radius c) pads must be minimum 5 x 5 and spaced a minimum of 20 inches from the outside of each pad and must be able to support the heaviest weight of the tractor
  13. Turbo chargers allowed
  14. No weight frame or weight may extend more than 11 feet forward from the centre of rear axle, up to 50% of the added weight will be allowed behind the rear axle, not extending past the outer radius of the tire
  15. No weights on platform
  16. Exhaust must point up and away from the crowd
  17. Hood, grills, fuel tank must be stock appearing, fenders are mandatory
  18. Aluminum fuel tanks are allowed
  19. No secondary fuels
For insurance purposes, helmets are mandatory for all enhanced classes